BLC has a rich history of 65 years being in the field of education. It is one of the oldest private schools in Colombo and established primarily with the philosophy of providing an exclusive girls only school built on the values of Buddhist teachings. BLC has proudly maintained this philosophy and is the process of transiting this legacy into its 3rd generation.
The primary capabilities of BLC rests on three fundamental pillars. They are:

  • The BLC brand & its legacy
  • Accumulated knowledge about the industry and the behavioral patterns of its primary stakeholders, the parents, students and teachers
  • School management capabilities built over the last 50 years under the able guidance of Mr. Mohanlal De Mel

The primary strategic asset is the brand of BLC. The school remained strongly aligned to the noble cause on which it was founded by its founder Mr. Mohandas De Mel, Father of present Chairman Mr. Mohan De Mel. At no stage did BLC attempt to move out of this domain. Even though there proposed expansion. Staying focused true to their founding philosophy has helped BLC brand build a sense of reliability and consistency in the minds of the parents.

Mr. Mohanlal De Mel has been at the forefront of managing the school along with his late brothers since 1974. At present Mr. Mohanlal De Mel is in full control of the management of the school ably assisted by his elder son Mr. Manjeev De Mel. Given the long years of association with the management of the school, Mr. Mohanlal De Mel has extensive managerial experience in running the affairs of the school. Having been a close follower of his father’s vision, Mr. De Mel has continued to manage the school quite well, inspite of several challenges which he has overcome successfully. His hands-on experience, knowledge and insights regarding the industry and the teacher-student dynamics are extremely important intangible assets for the organization.

Financially the school is not in debt and therefore are free from any long-term liabilities. The proposed structural changes to strengthen the management of the school through a board of Management & an Academic Board which will include professionals of good repute will no doubt add greater credibility and management capabilities to the school.

It is in this overall background, given the opportunity and given its long-time presence in the education industry coupled with its knowledge and expertise, that BLC is now looking to expand its operations to Gampaha district to begin with